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  • 執筆者の写真石川尚寛(Naohiro Ishikawa)

Zen master Mr. Amida " The way of virtuous sales person" Teaching record

: Mr. Amida tightly instructed sales persons suffering from poor performance. As ... they turned into superior (English Edition) アミダ禅師の悟りのセールス道(英語版)


Study group on "Problem solving symbiosis" (共生の課題解決法研究会)


Naohiro Ishikawa(石川尚寛)


Those who want to get a spirit of virtuous sales

3.the aim

① Elimination of mental disturbance to sales

② Break through the current situation

③ Transformation into top sales


① What is “the way of virtuous sales person”?

② “the way of virtuous sales person” "Four truths"

③ What Amida Zen teacher told his disciples

5.table of contents

1. Title and subtitle of this book

2. Author

3. Introduction of contents of this book

4. table of contents

5. What is “the way of virtuous sales person”?

6. “Four truths” of the way of virtuous sales person

7. First, sales activities are suffering

8. Second, there is a cause for the suffering of sales activities.

9. Third, the suffering of sales activities can be solved.

10. Fourth, there is a right way to solve the suffering of sales activities.

11. Correct your posture.

12. Judge with sensibilities.

13. I have no sales ability

14. Think well what to tell.

15. You, please activities in an earnest attitude.

16. Seeing is believing.

17. Throw away a wicked heart.

18. Do not procrastinate.

19. Overcome laziness.

20. Respond in good faith.

21. Tell the right things and do the right things.

22. Looking back on yourself.

23. Do not listen with your ego.

24. Discard chores and concentrate on sales.

25. Try listening again and again until you realize it.

26. There are no top salesmen who have not experienced troubles or suffering.

27. Before listening to customer complaints, purify your mind and body.

28. Discard the ego and improve it.

29. Dedicate to sales at the workplace.

30. Dedicate to one thing and accomplish.

31. Change your way of thinking about selfish sales.

32. Dedicate your courage and concentrate on sales activities.

33. Do not despise yourself.

34. Match action with your inner heart.

35. Calm your mind and do good.

36. Even if you succeed, do not be arrogant.

37. Forget the others eye, just concentrate on sales.

38. Be a virtuous sales person.

39. Do not be said "knowledgeable people".

40. Sales environment is constantly changing.

41. Starting point of success.

42. The weakness of guts is the moment of dishonesty.

43. Thoroughly position your role.

44. To realize the truth.

45. Final chapter



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