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  • 執筆者の写真石川尚寛(Naohiro Ishikawa)

"Symbiosis method" the second edition (method of solving the problems of peace and Happiness)

共生法 第2版(英語版)

A suitable person for this book

People who want to know how to solve problemsPeople who pray for peace and happiness of the human race


Understanding the cause of the problemUnderstand the philosophy and principles of "Symbiosis method”Understand the procedure "Symbiosis method”

Introduction of Books

This book revolutionizes problem-solving.

Many people are struggling to solve problems.

The reason is

Because the same problem is repeated several timesBecause the problem becomes complicatedBecause of human relations becoming worse

This cannot be solved by the conventional problem-solving process.

Conventional problem-solving techniques make the issue more serious.

If you want peace and happiness, you should learn "Symbiosis method”.

Main content

What is the "Symbiosis method"?The difference between the conventional problem-solving method and the "Symbiosis method”Philosophy and Principle of "Symbiosis method”Nine steps to solving problems with the "Symbiosis method"

Table of contents

1. Title and subtitle of this book

2. Author

3. Introduction of the contents of this book

4. Table of contents

5. What is the "Symbiosis method"?

6. The difference between the conventional problem-solving method and the "Symbiosis method”

7. Philosophy and Principle of "Symbiosis method”

8. Nine steps to solving problems with the "Symbiosis method"

9. Explanation of Step 1

10. Explanation of Step 2

11. Explanation of Step 3

12. Explanation of Step 4

13. Explanation of Step 5

14. Explanation of Step 6

15. Explanation of Step 7

16. Explanation of Step 8

17. Explanation of Step 9

18. End Chapter



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