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  • 執筆者の写真石川尚寛(Naohiro Ishikawa)

Launched"Problem solving with God first" Symbiosis Method 3rd Edition

"Problem solving with God first" Symbiosis Method 3rd Edition: Wisdom for problem solving in the Bible (English Edition)

「神さまファーストの問題解決」共生法 第3版(英語版)

This book introduces the Bible wisdom on problem-solving.

Now, countless know-how information overflows all over the world.

How to read books fast, how to cook, how to sleep, how to diet, how to win games, how to love, how to meditate, how to fortune, how to succeed, how to negotiate, how to use a computer, time management Methods, crisis management methods, business management methods, etc.

However, unfortunately, many people are not satisfied.

Likewise, while there is a vast amount of information and technology in the world, many are not happy and peaceful.

Military weapons have the highest killing capability since history.

However, the disputes around the world are getting worse than resolved.

Agriculture and industrial production capacity have been the highest since history.

However, poverty in the world is getting worse and worse than it is solved.

The author read the Bible and was shocked.

He learned from the Bible that all current external situations will continue to deteriorate if the underlying problem is not resolved. And he learned from the Bible that the underlying problem lies inside him.

This book introduces the Bible's wisdom on fundamental problem-solving.

This problem-solving method is based on the philosophy of "God first."

The goal of this problem-solving method is to walk on the right path with God.

May the Lord bless you and keep you.

May the Lord smile down on you and show you his kindness.

May the Lord answer your prayers and give you peace.


⬜︎ Learn the principle of problem solving

⬜︎ Learn the cause of our problem

⬜︎ Learn the concept of "God first"

⬜︎ Learn the problem-solving cycle of "God first"

⬜︎ Get the wisdom of problem solving from the Bible

April 2019 Study Group of Solving Methods for Symbiosis




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