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  • 執筆者の写真石川尚寛(Naohiro Ishikawa)

Pray for symbiosis: Poetry that everything will forever be peaceful and happy

Pray for symbiosis: Poetry that everything will forever be peaceful and happy (English, Japanese bilingual version) (English Edition)

1. A suitable person for this book

• People who pray for peace of everyone

• A person praying for happiness of everyone

2. the aim

• Realization of freedom and equality

• Abolition of war, realization of peace

• Realization of eternal happiness

3. Contents

• What is eternal light?

• Poetry of 48 prayers of eternal light

4. table of contents

1.Title and subtitle of this book


3.Introduction of contents of this book

4.table of contents

5.What is eternal light?

6.The First Prayer Song "Eliminating Discrimination and War"

7.The second Prayer Song "Erase the function of evil"

8.The Third Prayer Song "Realization of Equality and Freedom"

9.The Fourth Prayer Song "Know destiny"

10. The Fifth Prayer Song "Go to heaven"

11. The Sixth Prayer Song "Noticing the Creator's Benefits"

12. The Seventh Prayer Song "Having a mercy heart"

13. The Eighth Prayer Song "Complete Remedy of Everything"

14. The Ninth Prayer Song "There is no craving"

15. The 10th Prayer Song "To Nirvana"

16. The 11th Prayer Song " Knowing to go to heaven "

17. The 12th prayer song "Get eternal happiness"

18. The 13th prayer song "Get eternal light"

19. The 14th Prayer Song "Gaining Eternal Lifetime"

20. The 15th prayer song "The posture gets polite"

21. The 16th Prayer Song "Receiving the forgiveness of the Creator"

22. The 17th Prayer Song "Believe in salvation and pray"

23. The 18th Prayer Song "All that seek help is saved"

24. The 19th Prayer Song "When you die, eternal light will appear in your eyes and you will be saved."

25. The 20th Prayer Song "Pray for Peace"

26. The 21st Prayer Song "All hearts are purified"

27. The 22nd Prayer Song "realization of the best reincarnation"

28. The 23rd Prayer Song "Glorify the Creator and notice the existence of the Creator"

29. The 24th Prayer Song "The mercy heart is completed"

30. The 25th Prayer Song "Speak the words of mercy"

31. The 26th Prayer Song "Get the best figure forever"

32. The 27th Prayer Song "Become pure"

33. The 28th Prayer Song "be shining"

34. The 29th Prayer Song "Become eternal light"

35. The 30th Prayer Song "Everything can express and understand the truth"

36. The 31st Prayer Song "Extend wisdom infinitely"

37. The 32nd Prayer Song "Cleanses sin"

38. The 33rd Prayer Song "Get the spirit of altruism"

39. The 34th Prayer Song "Having dreams and hope"

40. The 35th Prayer Song "Allow others to completely"

41. The 36th Prayer Song "Anger disappears from the world"

42. The 37th Prayer Song "Egoism disappears "

43. The 38th Prayer Song "Wear Clean Clothes"

44. The 39th Prayer Song " Be the highest pleasure "

45. The 40th Prayer Song " Before death, Be to See the kingdom of Creator "

46. The 41st Prayer Song "Noticing the Effect of Prayer"

47. The 42nd Prayer Song "Stabilize with peace and happiness"

48. The 43rd Prayer Song " Be save from anxiety after death "

49. The 44th Prayer Song " No gaps between rich and poor"

50. The 45th Prayer Song "Living without care about evaluation"

51. The 46th Prayer Song "The voice of God reaches a straightforward heart"

52. The 47th Prayer Song "Bullying completely disappears"

53. The 48th Prayer Song "You can see the truth of prayer"

54. Final chapter


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