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"Symbiosis method" practical textbook (Easiest, the world's strongest problem-solving technique):

Realize the permanent peace and happiness of the world ... to solve problems (English Edition)

共生法 第1版 実践教科書(英語版)


1.Introduction of contents of this book (textbook)


This book (textbook) will innovate your day-to-day problem solving.

Many people are troubled with problem solving.

The reason is,

· Because the same problem recurs repeatedly

· Because the problem becomes complicated

· Because relationships deteriorate

This book (textbook) solves the pain of those who suffer from problem solving.

Using this technique to solve the problem, you can gain trust and respect from around.

Every time you solve your daily problem, you make others peaceful and happy.

You solve problems fun. Your life will be steadily peaceful and happy.

This book (textbook) explains nine procedures.

You can read everything within 39 minutes.

Please read from now.


2.table of contents


1.    Title and subtitle of this book

2.    table of contents

3.    Introduction of contents of this book (textbook)

4.    Prologue

5.    Side effects of selfish problem-solving method

6.    Expected effect of "Symbiosis method"

7.    Philosophy and principle of "Symbiosis method"

8.    Procedure for problem solving by "Symbiosis method"

9.    Explanation of "Symbiosis method" step 1

10.    Explanation of "Symbiosis method" step 2

11.    Explanation of "Symbiosis method" step 3

12.    Explanation of "Symbiosis method" step 4

13.    Explanation of "Symbiosis method" step 5

14.    Explanation of "Symbiosis method" step 6

15.    Explanation of "Symbiosis method" step 7

16.    Explanation of "Symbiosis method" step 8

17.    Explanation of the last step 9 "Symbiosis method"

18.    Last chapter

19.    Original (Japanese) Title and Subtitle




"Symbiosis method" is the latest problem-solving technique.

Traditional problem-solving techniques have major flaws.

If you use traditional problem-solving techniques for selfishness purposes, problems become more serious.

The reason is that conventional problem-solving techniques focus on results.

" Symbiosis method " does not focus on results.

"Symbiosis method" focuses on purpose.

The cause of all problems is due to the stakeholder's purpose.

The more selfish the purpose of stakeholders, the less the problem is solved.

Selfish problems become even bigger, more complicated and conflicting.

As long as the selfish purpose is not rectified, problems and mistakes will be permanently repeated.

In every problem solving every day, the important thing is to correct the purpose, not the result.

It is to correct selfish purpose to the purpose of altruism.

The purpose of developing "Symbiosis method" is realization of permanent peace and happiness of the world human beings.

Neo-liberal economy has various problems such as increase of difference of rich and poor, environmental pollution, welfare, war. The energy that drives the neoliberal economy is the craving for human selfishness.

If we waste it, the neo-liberal economy will be revitalized.

When we save and spare, the neo-liberal economy stagnates.

When we carefully use things and share with others, the neo-liberal economy stagnates.

" Symbiosis method " realizes harmonious economic growth.

" Symbiosis method " is neither capitalism nor communism.

" Symbiosis method " is neutralism.

" Symbiosis method " is to coexist with the Creator.

It is important that we live with awe with respect to the Creator by correcting selfish living methods.

 " Symbiosis method " does not matter the difference between religion and thought.

" Symbiosis method " does not ask for the age and the sex.

" Symbiosis method " does not matter race or ethnicity.

The " Symbiosis method " aims to realize the permanent peace and happiness of the world humankind.

By all means, please use "symbiotic law". And spread to the world.

We thank you for your cooperation.


Study group on "Problem solving symbiosis" 

Representative Naohiro Ishikawa