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GOD FIRST: We can learn the wisdom of the Bible to solve our negative problems


: We can learn the wisdom of the Bible to solve our negative problems (Symbiosis Method 3rd Edition) (English Edition)

共生法 第3版(英語版)

This book introduces the wisdom of the Bible to solve the fundamental problems.

The author continues to study and develop concepts and methods to solve problems.

To write this book, the author chose the Old Testament as a research literature for problem-solving.

The reason he chose the Old Testament is that it is a common scripture of many religions.

The aim of the author's research and development is to achieve permanent peace and well-being.

The author found a scene in which Moses was busy solving the problem. It was just before Moses announced the Ten Commandments.

Moses solved the problems of many people under God's direction.

But now we cannot consult Moses.


today, we can get countless information on the know-how necessary to achieve the desired results.

Philosophy, ethics, religion, psychology, linguistics, art, archaeology, geography, anthropology, politics, administration, corporate economics, law, military Science, economics, accounting, sociology, mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Astronomy, medicine, pharmacy, nursing, agriculture, informatics, biotechnology, electronics, civil engineering, architecture, sex science, neuroscience, etc.

But unfortunately, many of us are not able to use the information in a desirable way to get the desired result.

On the contrary, we continue to create many evil problems.

For example, modern agricultural productivity and industrial productivity are the highest in history.

However, poverty in the world is becoming more and more worse than it is resolved.

Moreover, modern military power is the strongest in history.

However, disputes all over the world are becoming more and more serious.

The author examined the Bible on why the problems of the world became serious.

And he got the following awareness.

"I had always thought that the cause of the bad problem existed outside of me.

But reading the Bible, I began to think that this ugly cause is in me.

And I came to think that the real cause was my relationship with God.

So I came to think that if I could not improve my relationship with God, I would not be able to solve the problem I was addressing.

So I decided to review my relationship with God from scratch. ”

Then he came to really believe in the Bible.

This book introduces the wisdom of the Bible to solve the fundamental problems.

The method to solve this problem is based on the "God First" philosophy.

The purpose of this problem-solving method is to follow the right path with God.

It is a journey of eternal peace and happiness.


We will learn the principles of problem-solving

We will learn the cause of the problem

We will learn the concept of “God First”

We will learn the problem-solving cycle

We will learn the wisdom of the Bible to solve our negative problems


If we face a problem, we can accept this opportunity as the time to seek the Lord.

And we can improve our relationship with God through our problem solving process.

The next cycle is the process of solving the problem by improving our relationship with God.

This cycle will solve the problem by repeating three stages.

First stage:I will seek God

Second stage:I will consult God

Third stage:I will solve by doing the right thing

May the Lord bless you and keep you.

May the Lord smile down on you and show you his kindness.

May the Lord answer your prayers and give you peace.

May 2019

Study Group of Solving Methods for Symbiosis

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