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  • 執筆者の写真石川尚寛(Naohiro Ishikawa)

Exodus: Japanese-English bilingual version (English Edition) Kindle版

Exodus: Japanese-English bilingual version (English Edition) Kindle版

Goals of this book

1.Readers have a visual overview of Exodus.

2.Readers can know the word of God in Exodus.

3.Readers can learn to walk the right path with God.

Features of this book

1.1933 images (paintings, illustrations, maps, etc.)

2.Uses the Japanese Bible (co-translated Old Testament (1955)) and the English Bible (The World English Bible)

3.In this book, the letters of God's word are highlighted with shadows.

The expected effect of reading this book

1.Readers can read Exodus visually as if they were reading a manga.

2.Readers can learn languages.

3.Readers can know God's rigor and mercy.

Table of contents of this bookParashat Shemot (Exodus 1:1–6:1)

Parashat Va'era (Exodus 6:2–9:35) Parashat Bo (Exodus 10:1–13:16) Parashat Beshallach (Exodus 13:17–17:16) Parashat Yitro (Exodus 18:1–20:23) Parashat Mishpatim (Exodus 21:1–24:18) Parashat Terumah (Exodus 25:1–27:19) Parashat Tetzaveh (Exodus 27:20–30:10) Parashat Ki Tissa (Exodus 30:11–34:35) Parashat Vayakhel (Exodus 35:1–38:20) Parashat Pekudei (Exodus 38:21–40:38)


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